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10 Reasons To Ditch The Cardboard!

1) BETTER for the environment & its inhabitants!

2) NO CLEANUP! breaking down bulky cardboard boxes, detangling sticking tape, and struggling to lug everything to the curb after your move!

3) It is CHEAPER to rent our reusable Bins than it is to buy one-time-use cardboard boxes.  So your next move could cost you way less than you may think!

4) We DROP-OFF and PICK-UP our reusable Bins at no extra cost to you!

5) SECURE your belongings from curious neighbors, kids, and pets with cable ties, locks, etc.!

6) LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE and STACKABLE for easy storage and accessibility!


7) Keep the ELEMENTS OUT of your belongings like rain, mud, and snow!

8) Keep ORGANIZED by labeling the contents of your Bins with our double-sided biodegradable inserts. (Included with all Bins)

9) PROTECT your belongings from unforeseeable damage with the extra sturdiness our hardshell Bins provide!

10) Our Bins are CLEANED and SANITIZED before and after every use! GUARANTEED.

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